IT & Telecommunications

Our clients are always looked after by ENEX consultants who specialise in their respective industries and therefore have a deep understanding of their specific requirements and needs. This allows us to engage in constructive dialogue to address our client’s requirements in the fast changing technology-business landscape.

Technology companies today are facing important issues due to the evolving business landscape such as emerging and converging technologies, identifying new sources of revenue, talent identification, management and retention. This highly technical and fast-paced industry requires a specialised bet-the-company approach. We understand our clients’ business and identify the potential challenges before they arise.

We provide recruitment services to major European, US and Asian multinational corporations as well as to leading local and regional institutions. Our clients include product companies, specialist vendors for technological products and services, systems integrators and technology-related consultants.  

Our ENEX Technology team recruits the most suitably qualified IT, Telco and Media professionals who specialise in strategic, project operational and technological appointments from the middle to senior levels of an organization. The continuing advancement of new technologies and expansion into new geographical markets are catalysts of the IT & Telecommunications industries. It is therefore critical that outstanding talents are promptly identified and scouted in this fast developing industry of our century. The limited appropriate human resources within every country always makes it a challenge to identify, attract and recruit outstanding performers for our clients. However, due to our specialized knowledge coupled with our extensive global network, we work around this challenge and access the source for the most outstanding expertise in the IT & Telecommunications.

Cloud services, cybersecurity, data analytics, mobility and legal compliance with data protection laws are at the forefront of our clients’ concerns. With our in-depth understanding we are uniquely positioned to identify suitable talent with an expertise in a particular area and recruit them on behalf of our client.



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