If you are seeking a new job role in another country, you need to plan your search especially carefully. There are several things to include when writing an international resume which probably wouldn't be as necessary for a local CV. We have tapped the combined experience of our partners to offer some advice and tips on what a good international CV needs:


1. Career Objective

A career objective is a vital and most powerful option to convey the recruiter about your area of interest and about what you are looking for in a job. You must be clear about what you are looking to do in your next role and why you think you are ready to do it.


2. Education

Mentioning your qualification and education details helps a recruiter to gauge your suitability and is essential information. However, in case of an international job, the hiring manager may not find a relevant link between the job vacancy and your education, so it is advisable to address your knowledge and skills with relevant examples such as projects, internship, study abroad (if any), and the knowledge of a foreign language. Also include web links to the relevant awarding industry bodies, universities and school websites because international recruiters may not know them. 


3. Work Experience

Global employers tend to focus on a candidate’s transferable skills and work experience. They seek examples of how you can contribute to the growth of their organisation. The best way to sell your skills is by stating some clear examples that demonstrate your achievements - ideally with hard numbers. A statement such as “increased sales by $6m in my first 12 months while reducing staff turnover by 5%” is better than “significantly improved sales and morale within the organisation” because it is a measurable achievement rather than an opinion.


4. Professional and Personality Traits

Any international recruiter hiring you would be interested in knowing how efficiently you can adjust to the cultural difference and new challenges their organisation may present. It is important to mention your awareness about the global affairs that support your professional traits, and list any volunteer experience to highlight your personality traits.


5. Resume Length

While the length of your CV generally depends on factors such as number of years of work experience, level of job or number of employers, any resume must include only the relevant information. Usually, the length of a resume for a recent graduate remains one page, whereas, a candidate with several years of work experience, achievements and number of employers has more information to share. Hence the ideal length becomes a two-page resume. In case of an international resume, since the candidate might need to mention all the above points in detail, the length could go up to 3 or 4 pages. However, as said, the focus should always be on providing only the relevant information. Remember, every hiring manager has numerous resumes waiting for his/her attention and she/he is not going to give it more than a few seconds!

For a professional and effective resume, it is vital to create it by keeping your target reader in mind, i.e., a global recruiter. When you search for a job abroad, it becomes more challenging to pitch your skills to an employer on the other side of the world. Hence, the more clearly you understand the cultural, professional and social expectations of the employer, the higher are the chances of your selection are.

So, all you need is the little “extra” work and time to prepare an international resume and stay ahead of the stiff competition in the global employment market.