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Identifying and then attracting top talent is among the greatest challenges a modern business has to deal with. That challenge is multiplied significantly when hiring across national borders, and even more when recruiting on a different continent. Language, law, business etiquette and even recruitment traditions and processes vary hugely and recruitment mistakes are far more expensive to rectify.

Having a local recruitment partner becomes the essential key to success, both in the very practical sense of representation on the ground for local research, trade knowledge, contacts and interviews, but also regarding deeper issues such as culture and language, team fit and support and advice. However as most business people know, finding a good local recruitment partner is hard enough; finding a trusted consultant in another time zone, in another language on a different continent is for many a truly impossible task!



ENEX offers a unique combination of very local expertise and knowledge - based on experienced and maturity developed on the ground. We have each built our own client relationships and practices by being truly engaged with their businesses.

More and more clients require international reach as their businesses increasingly come to view the market as a global one. We have also built a global partnership based on mutual trust and respect and that has been tested over many decades. The strength of the ENEX partnership is the trust we each have as professionals for each other; this means that you can be sure that, when you partner with one of us, you can trust all of us.

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